Banner Advertising Zones

This section will help you to understand and choose the different advertising zones prior to the creation of either a Banner Advertising Account or a Banner Exchange Account.

The Banner Advertising Zones means:

A. The areas (websites or sections of websites) where you will be able to expose your advertising banners. For we are able to zone by category as well. B. The banners from other websites that you think can be displayed on your website within a Banner Exchange program.

The Zones

The zones are basically the website(s) or section(s) of a website where you will choose to advertise your banners and a banner type, which you will accept to be displayed on your own website. Let say that you applied for:

Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is a quota of banners, e.g. 10,000 banners exposure, which you buy to be displayed on websites (zones) or section within a website or network, within the Banner Advertising circuit. If you are dealing with web design, you would probably want to advertise in a zone related to websites, web design or even a forum where webmasters come and share their points of view about web design. By choosing your zones, it is possible for you to target your advertising campaign and make it more productive.

If you are a large corporation launching a product or service or a company that is looking for more brand recognition; a top banner will be the best option to maximise exposure. And you might want to select unlimited zones i.e. a financial institution promoting a new credit card program for private and corporate clients.