Audio Visual

Audio Visual Marketing

Audio Visual Marketing encompasses several services including Videography, Company/Product Presentations, Animated logos, Drone Videos and 360 photography. Using audio visual elements in your advertising adds creativity and attention-grabbing features to your graphic design and marketing campaigns.

Videos should be an essential part of your advertising strategy with over 100 million hours of video watched every day on Facebook alone! You can choose to create short, compressed videos for use on your website, YouTube, or Facebook or longer high quality videos for broadcast. You can use videos for anything from testimonials and product announcements, to how-to tutorials. Drone videos are another way your business can showcase its inventiveness. Remote controlled aircraft can be used to create videos for showcasing your products or services, which can then be uploaded to your social media channels which can drive traffic to your website. 360 videos, clips displaying a spherical scene where the camera has recorded the environment from all possible angles have been shown to produce more engagement and message retention than ordinary videos. Motion graphics can be used to produce animated logos that are attention grabbing and demonstrate the creativity of your company.

MYP can produce innovative videos with engaging and dynamic content to showcase your products and services and reflect your company image and enhance your brand. Our Audio visual advertising services will add exciting elements to your marketing campaigns, grabbing consumer attention, appealing to multiple senses, engaging your audience and increasing your visibility, all of which will help your business flourish.